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Pattaya Talk Forum is the oldest of the main Pattaya Forums. It also has the third most users with over 20,000 registered members. However these figures are a little deceptive as actual user numbers are likely to be much lower. This is because the registered members are the total over a few years and many of those people have left or are no longer active on the board.

Pattaya Talk

Pattaya Addicts and Pattaya Secrets have now overtaken it in terms of membership. is owned and run by the management/owners of the FLB Bar in Walking Street Pattaya. As you would expect from a bar owned forum it is heavily biased to that establishment. In fairness this has not really been detrimental as it is a nice board with over 750,000 posts from members accumulated over the years. The owner of the FLB Bar and this forum is well liked and respected in the Pattaya Bar Owners community.

It has always been a reasonably pleasant place to converse but in late 2006 it became somewhat embroiled in the PattayaSecrets vs Pattaya-Chat saga which is covered elsewhere. This has calmed down now but always seems to simmer below the surface.

In my opinion still a good board if you are looking for a wealth of information about Pattaya but not necessarily so if you are looking to make new friends as its hard core members are very loyal and somewhat a clique. New posters can quickly find themselves on the wrong end of the childish UTFSE responses if they ask a question that has been covered before.

It has a really useful Wiki Section which can be found here Pattaya Wiki.  In addition it was able in the past, due to its previous ascendancy, to negotiate good hotel discounts etc for its members. Those discounts are still available its affiliated information website at - again don't expect impartiality, this site too is heavily geared to promoting the FLB Bar. Statistics as at 21st September 2013

Their members have made a total of 1,026,199 posts
They have 22,245 registered members.

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