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Pattaya Secrets is the 2nd oldest of the main Pattaya Forums and still the largest in terms of post counts. It was started, and run by the consortium of members who own and manage the Secrets Bar and Hotel off Walking Street Pattaya.

In 2012 it changed the forum name to The Pattaya Club.

Pattaya Secrets

Like other bar owned forums it has an (understandable) bias towards it own bar although this means that unbiased opinion for its members is less likely. In the past it was embroiled in "forum wars" mainly with the now defunct Pattaya-Chat but also, to a lesser degree, with Pattaya Talk. This seems to be a thing of the past these days.

It does seem to make a particular play for "newbies" both on the forum and at the hotel. If you are couple looking for fun in Pattaya then this may be the board for you.

It also seems more open minded towards ladyboys than the other boards with the exception of perhaps Pattaya Addicts.

It has been accused (though I cannot confirm) that it has been guilty of both editing members posts and, worse still, of making members "Private Messages" available to the administrators. A private message in my view should remain exactly that - private.

One thing that is certain is that it deletes comments made in favour of rival businesses. Stat's as at 21st September 2013

Their members have made a total of 2,736,482 posts
They have 37,560 registered members.

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