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Pattaya Revealed was set up towards the end of 2006 by some members of the Pattaya-Chat forum who were disgruntled with that particular forum's constant flaming and attacking of the Pattaya-Secrets site (see more here)

Pattaya Revealed

On its home page it claims to be "Pattaya's number one forum" although as you can see from the statistics below this is hard to quantify.

Having chatted to a few of its members recently they are happy to settle for low membership numbers and concentrate on, how THEY described it, "being the BEST and not the BIGGEST". Others have described it as an "old boys club" - again that quote came from a Pattaya Revealed member and not from me.

It was started about the same time as the Pattaya Addicts forum but is lagging way behind in both members and content. However, as I said, that may be a deliberate policy on their part.

My view is that if it remains a somewhat selective club then what is the point on sharing information? There is only so much you can say the same old people time after time. In my opinion forums will only work if there is a constant influx of new blood to both keep things interesting from a content point of view and also to replenish numbers when other members leave or become less active.

The one thing I do like about this site is its design and layout. Of the main Pattaya Forums it is the only one not using the Invision software and layout. Instead it uses a design that is more pleasing to the eye and easier to use.

All in all it is a nice forum, and well worth joining, but I just can't see it lasting unless they make some effort to dramatically increase their user base. Stat's as at 21st September 2013

Total Posts: 188,388
Registered members: 4,413

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