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Pattaya Addicts Forum

The largest of the main Pattaya Forums, in terms of Membership and daily visitor numbers, P-A is now almost as large as the other mai9n forums added together and should overtake them all combined by the end of 2013

Pattaya Addicts Forum

As the name suggests is for anyone and everyone "addicted" to Pattaya and all its various offerings.

Originally started in November 2006 by four friends who are, or were, frequent posters in most of the other boards mentioned on this site.

They started the new forum having become slightly disgruntled with some of the shenanigans going on between two of the other forums. In addition they felt that a forum free of bias, i.e. not owned or administered by one particular bar or hotel owner would be of benefit to its members.

Unlike its major competitors this Pattaya forum has the intention of remaining abuse and flame free. They also have a zero tolerance attitude to racism.

As far as I am aware they are the only Pattaya Forum that gives you the following Guarantees:-

  1. A Flame and Abuse free environment.
  2. That they will never read or publish personal messages sent to other members on the site.

These are important; at least one other Pattaya Forum was caught reading Private Messages and most of the others regularly edit members posts! Pattaya Secrets for example openly admits that it reads all "private" messages.

As of September 2013 it had over 86,000 members and 2,200,000+ posts. Quite remarkable considering it was launched under seven four years year ago. Indeed looking at the stat's for all the major forums it is still the fastest growing Pattaya Forum in terms of membership - a tribute probably to its flame free atmosphere as many of its members have decamped from other boards. It has now overtaken Secrets and Pattaya Talk, both much older forums, in terms of members.

There are two levels available to forum members, The initial level then after you have made a few posts (50) you are considered for upgrade to the Trusted Members section.

Examples of Topics in the initial (public) forum are:-

Plus lots of others where you can just read the existing content or ask questions which the more experienced members will try to answer for you.

Pattaya Addicts is probably the most member friendly and certainly the least intimidating to a newbie, either to Pattaya or to forums in general. It is the most active of the forums with over 5000 people online at any time whereas the other forums rarely exceed the 500 mark if ever.

With over 8500 unique visitors every day, 4000 of whom are new visitors, Pattaya Addicts is the most attractive board to businesses both to promote and to advertise. Unlike some other boards (free) business promotion is encouraged. Stat's as at 21st September 2013

Their members have made a total of 2,255,245 posts
They have 86,172 registered members

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