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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best forum about Pattaya?

A. That is almost impossible to answer as they all have a different feel about them. In my opinion the most friendly and  unbiased is - its also now the largest forum despite being younger than its two main rivals. Indeed it has more members than the other forums added togather.

Q. Which is the biggest of the Pattaya Forums?

A. Pattaya Addicts has the most members, Pattaya Secrets has the most posts but with a huge number of one word posts this in unsurprising.

Q. Which is the oldest Pattaya Forum?

A. Pattaya Talk

Q. Which is the busiest/most popular Pattaya Forum?

A. Pattaya Addicts - . A snapshot at 11am (Thai time) on the 21st September 2013 shows online users as follows*:-

Pattaya Addicts - 7,782 Users Online now

Pattaya Secrets - 145 Users Online in the last 60 minutes.

Pattaya Talk - 211 Users Online in last 180 minutes.

Pattaya Revealed - 110 Users Online (time scale unknown)

Pattaya Live - 121 Users Online (time scale uniknown)

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