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As Pattaya has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination, so the number of Pattaya Forums has increased. At the last count, there were over 20 chat forums for visitors and lovers of Pattaya City. The majority of these are little used but some are very popular.

This website gives an insight into the largest, and the best, as they all have a different feel or motivation behind them...

Some such as Pattaya Talk, Pattaya Secrets and Pattaya Live, are owned and run by Pattaya bar or hotel owners, whereas others such as Pattaya Addicts are run by, well Pattaya addicts, and are therefore free of the bias you might expect in a bar owned forum.

Likewise, some are more adult orientated than others, although I would warn that almost ALL do discuss the adult industry in Pattaya in some depth.

Some of the Pattaya Forums are harder hitting and can even rather unpleasant places to be (at times). Pattaya-Live for example is notably much less moderated than the others which can lead to some fairly lively debate at time. Pattaya Addicts on the other hand is a flame and abuse free environment. The remainder of the boards tend to be somewhere in-between.

All the Pattaya forums offer various levels of membership - with the bar industry generally NOT being discussed to any length at entry level. They can therefore be very useful tools for people not interested in the seamier side of Pattaya to garner information about hotels, restaurants travel etc. Most forums will offer access to the higher levels once you have been a member for a certain length of time or have made XX number of comments on the forum. Again you should note that, in general, the higher level you go into the forum the more excessive and explicit the content can be.

Which Pattaya Forum ?

My own personal preferences are as follows but for more in depth information please visit each forum's individual page on this site. This list covers the largest and more are available in the Other Forums section on this site

  1. - the biggest of the "big 5" in terms of members and users online.

  2. - Owned by the owners of the FLB Bar in Walking Street.

  3. - Small but friendly and popular forum.

  4. - Owned by the owners of the Secrets Bar/Hotel in Walking Street.

  5. - Popular forum owned by the owner of The Rockhouse Bar.


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